A thing or two about revival

Revival is a word that has a broad application in our society, but a more specific implication in the setting of the Church and for those following Jesus. For instance, did you know that there is going to be a revival of Gilmore Girls that is brought on by Netflix filming a new season?

Gmore Girls

Yeah, I didn’t either, until my wife ran through the room making a piercing ‘squeeee!’ noise.

I have heard of revival of 70’s and 90’s clothes over the past year. That would be bell-bottoms and JNCO jeans, specifically. Since I was able to avoid those the first time around, I am looking forward to seeing if my avoidance skills are still up to par.

There have been revivals of art styles, revivals of plays and even revivals of those weird, green Jell-O and cottage cheese desert salad things. Some things don’t need or even deserve a revival, in any sense of the word.  However, the word revival is about as overused as the word love.  You can love ice cream, your comfy jeans or your collection of Precious Moments figurines. But there is love and then there is Love. Your Love for your spouse or child, ideally, outstrips your love for chocolate. God’s Love for the world was so great that he sent his Son to die in our place. That is a different type of love than your fondness for coffee. Right? Good, I see that you are shaking your head in agreement.

The random revival of things in this world (pants, shoes, and haircuts) pale in comparison to a spiritual revival. Think about it!  The presence of the Lord is refreshed in the hearts of the people. There is renewed desire to seek after God and the things in his heart.  There is repentance in the hearts of the people and this leads to holiness, as people turn away from sin and experience the spiritual renewal that comes from God. The heart burns for more of God, cries out for more of Him, and it is answered with a glorious outpouring.

The spiritual revival, God’s Revival, is beginning to swell here in America. On April 9th of this year, there was an event at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  It commemorated the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Outpouring. That was a revival that came out of the radical outpouring of the Holy Spirit into those that were part of the Azusa Street Mission. It was marked by a gathering of all people groups, in direct opposition to the segregation of the time.  There was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, people were convicted of their sin and turned their hearts to God. They studied the Scriptures, and were led into a deeper understanding of the things of God.  There were signs and wonders and people were healed – the deaf were able to hear, the mute were able to speak and the blind were able to see.


This is such a time as that. The movement of the Lord in our country is beginning to swell and become a mighty wave that will cover everything. It has started already, on the west coast, and it will be sweeping away the clutter of disbelief and apathy in the body of Christ and renewing our hearts with the bright light of the Love of God.

I believe that it is time for revival to sweep San Antonio! Please join with me in prayer for this revival process to start. We must earnestly seek after holy unity, prayer, miracles, healing, and the salvation of the lost. Our God is indeed a mighty God, and his Love for us in boundless. Hear His voice, as He calls you to a renewed sense of earthly purpose. His people are being revived!

Billy Graham Crusade – September 8, 1963 and TheCall Nashville – July 7, 2007


Published by: Jonathan Bernard

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