Nothing Is Too Big For God

Here’s a question for you, “Did Noah know what an ark was when God asked him to build one in order to save his family and the animals?” For years I never gave much thought to the fact that Noah was asked to construct an extremely large ship, which ended up being a little longer than a soccer stadium and half the width of a football field. Of course, we build ocean going vessels much bigger these days. But, back then this structure had to look ridiculously enormous. Think tall apartment building height since it was over forty-five feet tall. I can picture Noah standing back as he marveled at his creation. Yes, God gave him the specs but Noah made the hard copy of it.


Have you ever felt God leading you to do something astronomical that could be compared to building another ark? I have.

One day during my quiet time I asked God what He wanted me to do for Him that day. I was thinking it would entail calling someone to give encouragement or praying for a particular person for a specific reason. But, that wasn’t the answer I got. What I heard back was, “Write a book.”

I was stunned. My less than righteous answer was, “But I don’t even read books.” Oh, I read them from time to time, but not on a regular dip-into-one-book-right-after-another kind of way. Thinking I must have misunderstood I asked again, “No, that’s not what I meant. What do you want of me?”

“Write a book.”

I was flustered, felt defeated, and was not a happy camper. At last I told God, “Alright. I’ll write a book. What do you want me to write about?”

I got absolutely no answer. I was frustrated to say the least. But, I had told God that I would do it, so I figured I could write even if I didn’t read. I didn’t need to be bothered with that. And if God told me to do it then I could do it even if I didn’t know what I was doing.

I began a journey of writing lessons God was teaching me through life’s activities. All the while I did this in secret and thinking I was putting to paper gems that no one had ever thought of. When I finally got the courage to show my husband my writing and share that God had called me to write, he politely informed me that I needed to work on it. He couldn’t believe God wanted me to write. I was hurt by his words and laid off the writing for a long while. Years later I re-read some of what I’d written only to discover my husband was right. It was awful.

Finally after quite a bit of time I got the courage to go to a writer’s conference and find out what I needed to do to put a book together. What pride remained was shaken and humility set in at that conference. Not only did I need more work on my writing but I learned the two keys to writing were thousands of hours of writing and, of all things, reading. I felt I had failed God. I was no more closer to writing a book then as I was the day God asked me to do it. But, God is a gracious God and an encourager. He reminded me that all the years of bad writing counted and I was not off track. He encouraged me to keep going.

As for the reading – oh, boy – you won’t believe it. I actually enjoy readapple-for-teachering two to three books at a time. Go figure! Who knew I had it in me?

While I haven’t published a book, I am published. It’s actually exciting to say that. God is making the way for my first book to get published. I never in a million years would have pictured this for myself. Only time will tell what God does with the book and who it will impact. One thing is for sure – I feel completed in finally accomplishing what God called me to do decades ago.

I can relate to Noah as he stepped back and marveled at the structure he and his family built. Who knows how long it took Noah to build the Ark, but I do know God waited until it was all done to open the heavens and earth before He released the water. From my experience I know that God walks the path He calls youth and never abandons you. And He’s patient as He watches you work on His project. If He calls you to build an Ark or write a book He’s going to be there until the very end.

Published by Lillianne Kohler

Photo by The Story of Noah’s Ark YouTube

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