Coming to the Cross


I’ve been attending Life Point for a little over a year now.  Prior to then, my relationship with God was non-existent. I lived my days with stress, fear, and anxiety. I was short-tempered with my family, frustrated with my career, and guilt-ridden about my divorce. Something was missing and I tried filling it with food, drink, and inappropriate behavior.  All in all, I was broken and didn’t realize it.

I’m in the military and have moved 6 times in the last 10 years. I’ve been trying to get back home to Texas for as long as I can remember. When I found out I was being  relocated to San Antonio, I was ecstatic and thought I would finally be happy…home, sweet home. But even after I’d settled in, I still battled with the same emotional imbalance and discontent I always had.  I made a short list of churches I wanted to “try” on for size. My motivation was my son’s spiritual development, I felt obligated as a parent to at least expose him to Jesus. I was still blind to the healing that I myself really needed.


Wendy Dunlap

My first service at Life Point was amazing. I was there by myself but I didn’t feel alone… I felt so welcome. I remember walking out and smiling ear to ear.  I felt uplifted, refreshed, and inspired. Pastor Danny spoke of living our lives free of guilt and fear.  Coming to the cross and surrendering my life to Jesus was a new idea for me, but with each church service, I felt so emotionally inspired to know more. I started reading my bible and evolving into a believer.  I was motivated to change because of what I now understood the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ meant for my life.

The Lord blessed me this year with a wonderful Christian man who is committed to keeping God at the center of our marriage and family life.  We’ve made Life Point our church home and have plugged into the Life Groups and Dream Team.  I couldn’t imagine a more welcoming environment for our children in Kids Point. Above all, I appreciate that Life Point not only provides spiritual nourishment, but also challenges me to be a kingdom builder; to reach out to others and be an example of Christ’s love. Through Pastor Danny’s messages and fellowship with other LPC members, I consistently feel encouraged to discover my spiritual gifts and purpose.    I am in such a different place than I was just a short year ago.  The strength the Lord provides convicts me from so many of the selfish, negative ways I was living my life.  It’s a daily effort, but I’ve come a long way and my perspective on life has completely changed.  I couldn’t have done it without the community and fellowship I’ve had the opportunity to engage in since becoming  a member of the LPC family.  God is good!

Published by Wendy Dunlap

Photos by Gilbert Zertuche

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