The Culture of Life Point

Who are you when you’re not thinking about who you are, or who you’re supposed to be? As an individual the answer describes ones character. But what is the answer when applied to a group? The fabric that is woven together to form a group, how they behave, what they believe, and the values and symbols they accept, define the culture of the group. In fact, culture is what makes the group when they’re not thinking about it.

For better or worse, when we consider various cultures, a few images regarding music, art, architecture, religious beliefs, and dress may come to mind. However, what culture defines Life Point? Who are we at our core? What are we when we’re not thinking about it? What are our values, beliefs, symbols and behaviors?

First, Life Point is a group of people who believe Jesus Christ is our Savior and are on a constant mission to discover His will for our lives while sharing His love and message to our community and in our world. We are called to spread the Good News and that is our ultimate goal, every day. This is accomplished in many different ways. You may preach on a street corner if that is your heart-felt desire, but the more practical approach is probably to represent Jesus to those you come in contact with. Oftentimes, this does not require preaching at all. It may simply require a pleasant greeting or gentle tone or a word of encouragement. It’s uncanny how God can use one simple act to grow his kingdom.

Secondly, at Life Point everyone is welcome. Come as you are. There is no set of rules or codes required to join. In fact, Life Point represents a wide variety of social, ethnic and even religious backgrounds. Our mission is to be salt and light on this earth, as we all leave our own “culture” to join His. To anyone who has attended one service or a life group at Life Point, it is obvious that we all don’t look or dress the same, or have the same skin tone. But, what we hope is equally obvious – we love people and are striving to represent Jesus to those around us.

Charity is also a key component of the Life Point culture. We strongly believe Jesus has called us to serve others. In fact, connecting People-to-Purpose has been our mantra from Life Point’s inception. Pastor Danny encourages us to find and pursue our passion in serving others. I am amazed by the great work being performed by those with a passion for prison ministry, orphan and building missions, women’s health, special needs children and underprivileged schools – to name a few. At Life Point you can count on support in your mission to serve others. It is our core, it is part of who we are.

Another key component of culture is the passage of the core beliefs, behavior and values from one generation to the next. Life Point recognizes the crucial importance of children and young people. This extends well beyond our Kids Point Sunday School and The Loft. In an era where self-indulgence is prominent, it is very refreshing to see our youth leave their comfort zones and engage in the mission of Jesus. Our children serve locally in outreach programs such as Project Purpose and Light Your World, in addition to serving abroad, as far away as Haiti. The culture of Life Point must be passed to future generations to continue His work.

So, what is the Culture of Life Point? We hope the Love for Jesus, Charity and Purpose are a few things that are immediately apparent. That is our core. That’s what we are when we’re not even thinking about it.

Published by Dr. William English

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