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The Loft is the student ministry of LifePoint church, and includes students from 6th grade through 12th grade. The Loft has been meeting regularly, almost every Sunday, since the beginning of LifePoint, and actually takes their name from the loft at the lead pastor’s house where their first meeting was held. As a vital part of the church ministry, the Loft strives to create an environment where students can take the first steps and deepen their relationship with God, connect with their peers, and experience personal ministry as they connect with leaders who are committed to see students grow closer to Christ.

The Loft worship band leads Sunday morning worship at LifePoint San Antonio
The Loft worship band leads Sunday morning worship at LifePoint San Antonio

As LifePoint has grown, so has the Loft. In a reflection of how important worship is to LifePoint, the Loft formed a live worship band from its attending students and their Sunday evening meeting now includes live worship. God has blessed us with young, talented musicians and singers and the worship has grown to be an integral part of the Loft experience. The band has shown a great heart and participated in the recent Student Takeover of the Sunday morning services and lead worship for the entire church.

Cody Blunt teaches on a Sunday night.
Cody Blunt teaches on a Sunday night.

As great as the worship is, it is not the only part of our Loft experience.  Growth with the Lord is not going to happen without consistent teaching of God’s word. This is especially true for the young believer, and anyone who might be new to a relationship with Jesus. With this in mind, both Andy Garcia and Cody Blunt take great care to present God’s word to the students in an engaging, relevant and heartfelt way. Covering topics such as the importance of being Christ-like in our social networking, to the current series on how prayer is not something that old people do, but the way we talk with God. They continually deliver a message that is geared to connect with the students where they are in their life.

The Loft bowling night, where fun was had by all.
The Loft bowling night, where fun was had by all.

Doing great things with a live worship band and delivering insightful messages designed to grab the attention of today’s youth is not the end of the Loft’s engagement with the students of LifePoint. Regularly, the Loft will host an event designed to embrace the youthful energy and love of life that every student possess. The Loft has FUN! Bowling, putt-putt, and laser tag are a few of the events these fine students have enjoyed participating in in the past year. And don’t forget the pizza. After much research, it was determined that pizza was the favorite food for such fun occasions, and readily beat out black licorice, pistachio flavored peeps, and the raw egg “Rocky” special.

If you are interested in knowing about the Loft’s upcoming series or events, please like The Loft Student Ministry Facebook Page to receive notifications when new information is posted.

Published by Jonathan Bernard

Photos by Cody Blunt, Gilbert Zertuche, and others

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