Inviting Him to Praise with Us

King David, history’s most prolific songwriter, tells us exactly where God lives. Of course his presence is everywhere at the same time and we call that omnipresence. But where does he make Himself at home? David, in Psalms 22:3 says “He inhabits the praises of his people”. I believe he comes into the atmosphere of praise and makes Himself at home.


Praise can occur anywhere at anytime. Whenever and wherever a believer acknowledges the greatness and power of God, praise is in effect. I believe praise liberates His power to work in our lives. It is an invitation to not only come into our “house” but, to make Himself at home, enjoy our company and when necessary, help re-arrange the furniture of our lives.

Since the inception of Life Point, the aim of corporate services, whether Sunday or any other day, is to lift up Jesus in praise. Every time we gather, our focus is to offer an invitation to Him to come into our home.

Music and singing is an integral part of praise. When we gather together, all our problems, scattered thoughts and junk follows us into His sanctuary. Here, lifting our voices together, we begin to shift the focus off ourselves and onto Him and His greatness. Suddenly, all of our distractions seem to fade and He begins to “inhabit the praise of his people”. He has accepted the invitation to join us, He is free to enjoy our company and His greatness is able to begin His work in our lives.

Maybe God is a bit like us. Maybe He channel surfs on Sunday morning for some good praise. As a praise team, our focus is to have everyone lift Him up and make sure that when He flips across Life Point’s “station” He pauses and decides to hang out with us for a while. And when He joins us, who knows what He can do….

Published by: William English

Photos by: Gilbert Zertuche and Luisa Garcia

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