Finding a Niche to Serve

A few weeks in to attending Life Point, my husband and I knew we wanted to call Life Point our church home and were eager to find ways we could be involved. Soon after, an announcement was made that a new Growth Track series would begin and provide us resources to learn about Life Point and how our talents could be put to good use serving the church.

Once we started attending the Growth Track classes, I felt stumped. I loved my new blossoming relationship with the Lord and how connected I was becoming to Him through Life Point but, I had NO idea what I could do to serve. I went through the list of ministry options and none of them spoke to me. Since my walk with the Lord was fairly new (and because I’m somewhat shy), I wasn’t ready to serve by being outspoken and engaging with our new church community. I felt sad and wanted the Lord to just “give me a sign.”

On the last day of Growth Track, I didn’t even want to go. I told my husband there was just no point; there was nothing I could do. I had the heart to serve the Lord but just didn’t have the “talent” to be on an awe-inspiring Life Point team. Nonetheless, he dragged me up the sidewalk after service to the Kids Point building for our last meeting. That day, a few of the lead team members came to introduce themselves and explain a little about what they do. My eyes immediately lit up when Gilbert introduced himself and said he was a graphic designer, works on the website and builds content for Life Point materials… BINGO, I thought. The heavenly gates are open and I have been called home! Day in and day out, for over five years, I have worked as a marketer. I write content, I work with graphic designers, and I put together marketing materials. It is my WORK LIFE – And now it can be my CHURCH LIFE! I was thrilled. I could finally serve God doing what I love to do!

Soon after, the Life Point Media Team formed. I never knew there was so much untapped talent lurking within the congregation. Photographers, social media experts, graphic designers, writers, bloggers – we all had our niche. And we could all use it to serve. I was oblivious to God’s calling for me. For weeks, I was convinced that ministering and serving could only be done by outward actions (singing, playing music, teaching, greeting). However, I knew the Lord had to have a purpose for me at Life Point. It was to reach those that can’t be there (and want to know what we’re all about), to share words of encouragement through writing, and most importantly, to show God’s love for each and every one of us.

First LPC Media Team Meeting, I am the gal on the top right hand corner
First LPC Media Team Meeting

So, I’ll end with this. Don’t feel discouraged if God isn’t giving you the sign you need right away. He has given us all individual plans and has a purpose for where He wants us to be and what he wants us to do. You just have to trust in Him. He knows what He’s doing even if we can’t understand it or think it’s not in our best interest. There’s a quote I have come across from time to time and it always speaks to me. “God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and a whole lot of faith. But it’s worth the wait.”

Published by: Lexi

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