Cultivating our “Community” through gardening…

At Life Point, we started a “Women’s Group” with a Garden themed devotional and met in my home. Our first gathering was on September 12, 2014. As we met we grew in number; we learned to make basil pesto, made some really cute hanging mason jars and filled them with fresh flowers, and attempted to make wooden bird feeders. Yikes, I think someone actually has video of this event! We used our time together to study the word of God and how it relates to “garden.”

This year in March we headed to the Botanical Gardens for a field trip which included lunch at the Carriage House Bistro and a guided tour of the gardens. We met a second time in April at the Pearl Brewery Farmer’s Market for some fun shopping and lunch at Bakery Lorraine. We found out that we all have a love for eating good clean food as we shared our passions with one another.

When Life Point purchased land for our new home, Eureka; “Let’s have a Community Garden!” Several church members had the same idea so I was allowed to run with it. We have already started preparing the grounds for our “Community Garden.” A lot of work still needs to be done, and currently we are getting bids for a fence so we can start the actual planting. We have had three work days which have had their share of adventures. Adam, Dan and I coaxed and chased a ring tail fox out of one of the sheds. This involved a shovel, broom and creative thinking; the siding of the sheet metal shed had to be partially detached in order for the fox to flee. Our story could have beaten the recently aired story on Channel 4 that featured a mere sighting of one these nocturnal creatures. They are bugged eyed and beautiful.

Ring Tail Fox

The property owner before Life Point was also a bee keeper and left some really cool boxes that we are re-purposing for our raised beds.  Our garden is 25’ x 40’ and we have weeded and laid down black mulch to a portion of this area. The mulch will help lock in moisture and also help keep the weeds out.

What Is our Plan?

To feed, teach, and share with those in need. Our first focus is getting the ground prepared for the vegetable garden. We need anyone who has creativity or ideas for garden art, irrigation knowledge, water capturing, the ability to build benches and chairs.Visit us at guest services for more information.

Published by: Anna V. Rodriguez

2 Comments Add yours

  1. alma370 says:

    This is such a wonderful project…I wish I could be of help, I have had some back problems and hopefully I can be better soon…keep me in mind and find something For me to help with.

    I heard how much fun the Women’s bible study and all the adventures were Hopefully I can join next time.

    God bless you,

    Alma Garza🌷


    1. lifepointsa says:

      Thank you for your comment! I pray that your back is healed. You can help by praying that God will use this garden to help others.


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