First Wednesday Worship Nights

I can think of no better way to start the summer and each month in the summer than with our First Wednesday Worship Nights services.  There’s nothing better than to take an extra night to sing praises to Jesus, to hear a short message, and to top it off with cold treats for everyone.

11377361_10152965640933247_4023433231334185676_nAfter an uplifting message we get to the fellowship part of the evening, which reminds me of church socials in my younger years. Under the canopy of the trees out front, we indulge in fresh fruit and frozen treats. There’s always plenty for everyone – seconds for some. Children run and play as they eat their goodies before the heat of the day melts their ice cream. Meanwhile, parents get to spend time catching up on the latest with other adults. It’s a wonderful time.

As much as we enjoy our Sunday services we are usually rushing out of the service to reach our next activity of the day. First Wednesday Worship Nights lets us enjoy one another at church. Nothing can compare to it.

If you missed the first two I hope you can make it to the last one on August 5th. You will not be disappointed.

Published by: Lillianne Kohler

Photos by: Luisa Garcia & Marissa Soberg

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