Man Month at the Movies: Father’s Day Celebration


For most, the third Sunday in June represents a day where we honor our fathers. At Life Point, it’s a day where men from near and far can experience the ultimate “man” day, dedicated just to them. You see, for the past three weeks, walking into Life Point was any man’s church haven (or shall I say Heaven). It was “Man Month” and that meant everything manly.

Upon stepping onto the Life Point grounds, men were greeted with beefy snacks, man drinks – like bacon flavored soda, and moon pies (because when else would your wife let you eat a delectably, 200+ calorie, chocolate covered, marshmallow-filled graham cracker sandwich at 9:30 in the morning?). Inside, the man cave oasis awaited with big movie recliners, buttery popcorn, and a large mounted television playing movies like the 1975 summer thriller, Jaws. The men were enthralled, hardly believing they were stepping foot inside a holy place of worship. But, it only got better…

Bring on Father’s Day!

Families from all around San Antonio brought their dads, husbands, brothers, uncles, cousins (practically any man they knew), to Life Point for Father’s Day. It was a PACKED house. The “man-ergy” was highly present and only intensified when Pastor Danny Rivers announced the lucky winners of the three gift packages. As the service began, it was clear the men were chomping at the bit (or maybe it was their beef jerky) to learn what man movie would be featured in this Sunday’s sermon. Lo and behold, Nacho Libre.

Pastor Danny’s humor shined through as he showed clips of the film and imitated Nacho’s phrases and his spanish accent. Each snippet lead Danny into his next key point in the sermon. Not only was the message comical, but it truly gave everyone a deeper look into the significance of Father’s Day – both literally and spiritually – enlightening Dad’s to love the fatherhood journey and to affirm their children’s accomplishments; to Father like God by opening our hearts and finding ways to value our children. We were left with an understanding of God’s promises to us, his children, as our Father in Heaven.

In the foyer, Dad’s hugged, high-fived and fist-bumped as they met up with family and friends to discuss what activities awaited them outdoors. Dad’s picked up their copy of Man Alive, a book by Patrick Morley, and a gift from Life Point to all Dad’s. Proud little ones met their daddy’s with bright faces to show them the sweet mini polaroid picture and Father’s Day cards they created for them in their Kids Point class. Fathers were snapping pictures with their families in the prop-filled photo booth and laughing at the goofy faces they viewed once their pictures were delivered from the attendant.

Popular songs began to play outside as more eager children ran down the sidewalk from the Kids Point building, throwing their shoes off and climbing as fast as they could into the big inflatable bounce houses. Some families quickly made their way over to the food trucks after smelling the aroma of tex-mex and italian goodness all morning.

If you weren’t found by the food or the bounce houses, it was likely you were testing out your video gaming skills at the Games2You truck, or admiring all of the fancy cars and trucks staged in the parking lot for the car show. Everyone was given a ballot slip to cast their vote for their favorite looking vehicle (we picked the big black truck). Once all votes were tallied, the red Dodge was given the “Best in Show” award while the white Ford truck won the “People’s Choice” award. I must say, I was impressed by so many of them – I would have picked any to ride home in!

Before the full Father’s Day extravaganza concluded, mother nature decided to pay us a little visit and families had to rush inside to take cover. Rain on our parade? No way! Everyone continued to mingle, snap more pictures together in the photo booth and celebrate the winners of a Top Golf giveaway and “manly” gift basket.

Despite the hot weather, and little downpour toward the end, I must say, it was truly an enjoyable Father’s Day at Life Point. We must thank our Heavenly Father for giving us another day to celebrate with all of the Dads we love, and for providing us the blessings and gifts to serve his purpose!


Published by Lexi Ellis

Photos by: Gilbert Zertuche & Santos Rivera

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